Are Golf Items the Most Effective Corporate Promotional Products?

We have provided corporate promotional products to the Perth area for more than thirty years. One of the better ways for many businesses to promote themselves is through golf items such as golf balls, tees, towels, umbrellas and apparel. Even bags and clubs can be used to promote businesses. Everyone loves golf, making golf items usable and memorable. There are two great distribution channels for golf items. One is to use them as standard promotional items, like many businesses in the Perth … [Read more...]

Javacups: Not Just for Winter

Over the years, the Javacup has been one of our most popular promotional gifts, even in the hot Perth summers. To some, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to promote hot beverages in the summertime, but coffee drinkers drink their coffee year around. Why the Javacup is so Popular The Javacup is one of our best promotional items for a lot of reasons. First of all, when they are given away, people use them. This works out great because every time someone drinks coffee or tea, they see your … [Read more...]

Golf Heats Up as Summer Approaches

When it comes to corporate gifts and promotional gifts, nothing makes your Perth customers as happy as golf items. We carry a full range of golf items, from small giveaway items such as tees and towels to large items such as golf club sets and bags. There are two ways to give away golf items: the standard giveaway model and golf tournaments. Standard Giveaway Golf Items The first is the standard giveaway model. We offer personalised golf towels and packs of tees on the low end. We also … [Read more...]

How the USB Flash Drive can Work Out for Your Business

We recently blogged about how the USB fits into the promotional products “food chain” in the Perth market. We gave some general information as to the benefits of USB flash drives and provided an overall look at them. For this piece, we would like to give you a more in-depth look at the USB flash drive and how it can enhance your business as a promotional giveaway item. What is a USB Flash Drive? A USB flash drive is a small storage drive that plugs into your computer via a USB slot. … [Read more...]

Top Tech Merchandise for Your Executives

Corporate gifts come in all shapes and sizes and there is no doubt that you want the best for the executives in your company who put so much for the success of your business. With the kind of work that they do, what kind of gifts would be suitable for them? Well, technological gifts are among the best and we at ImagePak have a wide selection for you to choose from. Top-quality gifts are the best to give because they are more valuable and will truly show how much you appreciate your executives. … [Read more...]

Targeting the Male Population: How to Win Them Over

When a company decides to advertise, there is usually a target audience or a specific group who would more likely buy a product, or whom the product is generally intended for. When it comes to marketing, there is a myth that many business people believe in—it’s that men are a harder audience to reach, especially with branded merchandise. However, this notion is fading with time. In fact, the male population is very reachable as long as you give out high quality items that will suit their … [Read more...]

Top Products for Corporate Gift Bags This Christmas

As Christmas is fast approaching, so too is the demand to find the best embroidery for some yuletide items, as well as personal gifts to include in the corporate gift baskets for all your Perth employees. Each year, new items and promotional products become trends and are often included in the gift sets and giveaways at Perth Christmas parties. If you want to know what’s hot this season, read on to find great products at a very affordable budget. A Matter of Practicality When it … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About IT-related Promotional Products

In the business world, there are so many different kinds of promotional products that you can use to make your company more popular not only in the Perth area, but other parts of the world as well. While all of them are useful in their own ways, there is a certain class of promotional items that stand will stand out above the others — depending on the nature of your business and your target audience. Since we are now living in the “digital” age, companies can really make the most by giving … [Read more...]

Beat Your Competitors Through Promotional Products!

There are many different kinds of marketing techniques that companies use to promote their businesses but promotional products are now the best ones to use in Perth and beyond. Giving away promotional items can be much more efficient than simply passing around flyers or pamphlets because they last longer and make more impact on potential customers. Again and Again One reason why promotional or corporate gifts are more appealing than traditional paper ads is that once you give them to your … [Read more...]

Teamwork: On and Off the Field

There are many companies and businesses that make use of promotional items in Perth to market themselves and be able spread the word about their products and services. The people behind a business work as a team and they try their best to put their brand “out there.” One helpful technique is to have your own set of uniforms — an even better idea is to have matching polos for your company or club to show team spirit. The Image of Teamwork It is important to have some kind of gear that … [Read more...]