Creative Uses for Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are one of the most versatile ways to advertise your business. Also called teardrop banners, teardrop flags are a great way to promote a business of any size. We have supplied such flags to many Perth businesses over the years with great results. What are Teardrop Flags? Teardrop flags are shaped like an inverted teardrop coming out of the ground. They can be attached to a standard 4-leg cross base, a heavy cross base, a car tyre base, a wall base or a floor base. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Banner: the Finishing Touch on a Great Birthday Celebration

If you want to make someone’s birthday celebration memorable, one of the best ways to do it is with a Happy Birthday banner. A Happy Birthday banner is appropriate for both individuals and companies celebrating birthdays. For years, medium to large corporations have celebrated milestone anniversaries such as 10, 20, 25 and up with a large corporate party adorned by a Happy Birthday banner. Most decorations for a party are disposable. They usually aren’t personalised, either. Instead, they … [Read more...]

We Make Flags for Local Governments

We usually use these as promotional items, but lately we have been making flags for local governments in the Perth area. Here are some of the uses for large flags. Government Buildings Government buildings such as courthouses and council offices often fly a local, state and national flag. At ImagePak Marketing, we can make a flag to any government design or specification. We have the technology to duplicate or create any flag or logo a customer needs. Local governments are beginning to … [Read more...]

Why Pull-Up Banners are Great for Expos

One of the more effective promotional items you will ever take to a Perth expo is the pull-up banner. So, what is a pull-up banner? It is a banner that you pull up from a stand that rolls along the floor. They are one of the largest banners in the promotional banner industry. They work great because they have a lot of room for any message you want to convey. Large and Visible Because they are so large, 2000 mm tall and 800 mm wide, they provide instant visibility for your business. … [Read more...]

ImagePak Tents Show up at Real Estate Firm and Motocross Event in Port Hedland

One of our largest promotional items that we provide from our Perth location is the folding tent. While you may not think of a tent as being something to use for promotion, many of our best customers love them. These are also called tent canopies because they aren’t like a traditional tent. They are basically a tent roof with short walls coming down from the top and a lot of space underneath. Perfect Outdoor Promotional Tool This makes them perfect for outdoor events such as trade shows, … [Read more...]

Pop-Up Banners Break Par at Golf Day

We do a lot of screen printing and sublimation printing for our clients in the Perth area. One option that you may not know about is the pop-up banner. Pop-up banners are two-sided banners that “pop up” from the floor. They work equally well at trade shows, events and fixed retail locations. We love all of our different kinds of banners because they are an inexpensive way to increase visibility. Here are some of the benefits of pop-up banners. Easy to Assemble Pop-up banners are … [Read more...]

Teardrop Banners Helped This Large Electrical Store

In more than 30 years providing promotional products to our Perth customers, we have seen teardrop banners become extremely popular. Recently, we provided teardrop banners to an electrical store to help them increase their visibility. The Benefits of Teardrop Banners Teardrop banners can be used indoors or outdoors to draw customers’ eyes wherever you want them to go. Whether it’s to a department, a sale item or just to let people know you are there, teardrop banners stand out more … [Read more...]

Vinyl Banners Helped a Pizza Company: Can They Help Your Business?

Though they aren’t traditional promotional giveaway items, vinyl banners are helping a lot of Perth businesses increase their market presence. Vinyl banners combine the visibility of a business sign with the portability of rolled vinyl. The result is an increased market presence due to mobility and flexibility. Recently, we provided vinyl banners for a pizza company that wanted to advertise more effectively while spending less money. They now have a banner that can be placed anywhere in their … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Agents Like Teardrop Banners

Lately, more and more real estate agents are choosing teardrop banners for on-site advertising. We have supplied plenty of teardrop banners for real estate agents in the Perth area and recently filled an order for a firm in New South Wales. So, why are teardrop banners so popular with real estate agents? Because they work. Here’s why. They are Visible From small, 2.5m banners to large, 4.5m banners, teardrop flags are extremely visible. Because they are secured all the way around, … [Read more...]

Folding Tents for Charities and Exhibitions

We supply a variety of vinyl banners and promotional items for firms in the Perth area to use at exhibitions. However, the most useful item is the folding tent. Folding tents are perfect for outdoor events for a variety of reasons. The most important reason to have a folding tent is that it protects you from the weather. We know that the weather in Perth can go from driving rain to blistering heat in a heartbeat. A folding tent can offer you and your belongings protection from … [Read more...]