Embroidered Work Shirts Looking Great at Warwick Stadium

Some of the best promotional products in Perth are the kind you wear. At Warwick Stadium, we have been providing them with embroidered work shirts, polo shirts and jackets. This is great for Warwick Stadium on a number of levels. Warwick Stadium is in the middle of remodeling and rebranding from Warwick Leisure Centre to Warwick Stadium. Having employees wear shirts help with the rebranding process and also help identify employees. They are happy with the way the shirts and the jackets look … [Read more...]

Umbrellas: Are They Really Good Giveaways?

When it comes to promotional products, ImagePak is the name to call. We have a wide array of options for business and private uses, and we are more than willing to provide you with the options that can bring your business to greater, better heights. Believe it or not, one of the most efficient giveaway items that businesses can use for their respective campaigns are umbrellas. Why? Here are a few reasons... They Can Be Used All Year Long Umbrellas can be used every day of the … [Read more...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Screen Printing

Screen printing is a popular process used by many to set an image onto an article of clothing or other mobile item. While the specifics of the process may elude the immediate knowledge of some, it is not too complicated of a process and understanding how it works will help you understand how it can help you and your business. Screen printing is vital in enhancing your promotional products and clothing with your company’s name and logo. Getting Started Before the actual printing can … [Read more...]

The Key Differences Between Screen Printing and Embroidery

Companies and individuals all around the world custom design shirts and other articles of clothing to promote their business or ideals. When it comes to custom designing clothing, there are two main methods that are used to impose an image onto an article—screen printing and embroidery. Both of these methods have positives and negatives to them, but both are popular for creating professional-looking pieces of clothing for your company. Screen Printing Screen printing utilises computer … [Read more...]

Make an Impression During the Christmas Season!

Whatever time of the the year, it takes more than great posters, flyers or giveaways with embroidery to make a good impression to your potential customers in Perth. However, there is a special time that you should take advantage of—the holiday season. As Christmas time approaches, your company should walk the extra mile to make a profound and lasting impression by using some of the best promotional products in Perth. By putting a holiday spin on old classics, you can make them both … [Read more...]

Have Perfectly Designed Netball Uniforms You Can be Proud Of

Specialising in promotional products and serving the Perth area with them for many years, we, at ImagePak, have perfected the art of creating exactly the kinds of items that you need to promote your business. We have a wide range of products to choose from for marketing purposes and we also have a number of items that can serve you and your company in other ways. One of these items is our line of netball uniforms, custom designed for all your needs. The purpose and uses of netball … [Read more...]

The Truth About Embroidery and Printing

We, at ImagePak, have a large variety of different promotional products that we supply to the Perth area and we use a couple of different processes to make sure our products are the best you can get. The majority of our items use either embroidery or screen printing to detail them with your custom names and logos and the two both have advantages and disadvantages that make them useful in different situations. What is embroidery and when it is used? Embroidery, put simply, is the stitching … [Read more...]

What Everybody Ought to Know About Sublimation Printing

For promotional products in the Perth area, ImagePak has everything you need to make sure that your company’s name and logo are brought into the minds and homes of potential customers. We have many different options for items to choose from to accomplish this goal. Among all kinds of promotional gifts, we also have a revolutionary option for sports jerseys, available now in Perth. Specially designed jumpers make great sportswear We carry very comfortable FOOTY jumpers that work … [Read more...]

Jobs That Necessitate Safety Clothing

Does your company need to provide safety clothing to its employees? While some industries obviously necessitate the proper garments to ensure safety, others are not quite so obvious. Look over this list of jobs where corporate employees really should be wearing the right clothing for safety purposes – but perhaps it isn’t normally provided. Food Service Sure, it’s a given that executive chefs, prep chefs and sous chefs need the proper attire in the kitchen. But what about dishwashers, food … [Read more...]

Advantages of Using Screen Printing for Your Promotional Products

What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery? Perth business owners often ask this question. They are two completely different techniques, each appropriate for certain promotional items. Here’s what you need to know about screen printing and how it provides an advantage for producing promotional products that are cost effective forms of advertising. What is Screen Printing? Screen printing is so named because it involves passing ink through a screen stretched over a frame. … [Read more...]