2014 Global Study Reveals Surprising Facts about Promotional Products

As one of the premier suppliers of promotional products in Perth, we keep a close eye on industry news. We consider it our duty to keep up on all developments because it helps us deliver the best products to you at affordable prices. The latest development in the industry is the release of a global promotional products study conducted in 2014. While the only Australian city involved in the study was Sydney, it is still important and relevant to Perth. The study covered cities in … [Read more...]

Special Promotional Pricing on Full Colour Coffee Mugs

If you have been thinking your company needs to order promotional products as giveaways, now is the best time. When seeking high quality corporate gifts, Perth business owners just like you are always on the lookout for a great deal. You need promotional items that are sure to get used but don’t take a big bite out of your marketing budget, so look no further than our hot special this month on full colour coffee cups. About Our Full Colour Coffee Mugs Did you know --- Coffee has become the … [Read more...]

Jobs That Necessitate Safety Clothing

Does your company need to provide safety clothing to its employees? While some industries obviously necessitate the proper garments to ensure safety, others are not quite so obvious. Look over this list of jobs where corporate employees really should be wearing the right clothing for safety purposes – but perhaps it isn’t normally provided. Food Service Sure, it’s a given that executive chefs, prep chefs and sous chefs need the proper attire in the kitchen. But what about dishwashers, food … [Read more...]

Green Promotional Gifts for Your Business

These days, many company’s and individual’s focus is on preserving the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. In fact, many people choose to do business only with companies that do their part to save the environment by providing eco-friendly products and doing business in an environmentally conscious manner. If you want your business to project a green image, then you need green promotional products to give to your contacts.  Need some suggestions? Try these. Reusable Promotional … [Read more...]

Your Essential Guide in Selecting the Right Embroidery Service in Perth

If you want promotional items such as corporate clothing, ball caps, totes or sports bags to do a good job of advertising your business, you need them to have custom embroidery. Perth business owners are often confused about how to select the right service to produce quality products that beautifully display their corporate logos, artwork and other information. Yes, it can be confusing to sort through all the options available. That’s why we’ve written this short guide to selecting the … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift for the Occasion

There are plenty of great and creative options when it comes to corporate gifts that Perth business owners know when browsing the internet. With so many promotional products to choose from, how do you select the proper ones? It really depends on the occasion. We’ve outlined several occasions here for appropriate gift-giving and offer suggestions as to the best items to offer. Anniversary Giveaways When you are celebrating a milestone in your company’s history, no doubt you will plan a big … [Read more...]

How Corporate Gifts Benefit Small Businesses

Does every small business need promotional products? Perth corporations of any size do, in fact, need them to give away as corporate gifts because they provide a number of benefits as well as advantages over the competition. Even if yours is only a small organisation, it’s important to add promotional items to your advertising and marketing budget. Here are several ways that promotional gifts are a big advantage to companies who purchase them. Free Advertising Perhaps the biggest benefit to … [Read more...]

Selecting Safety Vests and Jackets for Your Company

Safety clothing is important whenever employees are in a situation where high visibility is important. If your company has employees who are frequently working alongside roadways or construction sites, high visibility and durable clothing is imperative for safety and comfort. When choosing vests and jackets the two most important factors include how safe the clothing keeps the employee and how comfortable the item is to wear. When shopping for safety clothing in Perth, comfort may not be at … [Read more...]

IT Accessories

IT Solutions Mouse Mats The Range – IT Products Image Collection IT … [Read more...]

Corporate and Executive Items

ImageCollection The Range Lasting Impressions Carbine Collection … [Read more...]