Promotional Gifts a Hit at Birthday Parties

While promotional gifts are usually used for business promotion, they also work great for making a birthday party special. We have supplied plenty of Perth birthday parties with various items for birthday party favours and decorations. Here are some ideas. Balloons and Banners If you want to make a birthday party really special, a large banner will definitely separate it from a standard party. Imagine one of our standard sized banners, 2m x 1m or 3m x 1m, on the wall or above the doorway … [Read more...]

Personalised Items are Great at Weddings

Over the years, we have provided a lot of promotional gifts for weddings in the Perth area. While a personalised napkin might be considered a wedding souvenir by some, there are a lot of much better options that are much better for celebrating your special day. A wedding is something we often remember the rest of our lives. Those who are happily married still remember their weddings, years later. Your special day is worth commemorating with special gifts. Here are some great ideas for wedding … [Read more...]

Are Hats the Most Underrated Promotional Products in Perth?

We all know the idea behind promotional products; they are the most cost-effective advertising in Perth. You give them away and people use them. Every time the person uses the product, they think about your business. That is called an advertising impression. Every time someone sees the person use the product, that is another advertising impression. Multifunctional Headwear One of the most underrated promotional products in Perth is the hat. Hats are always worn at slightly above eye … [Read more...]

What are the Best Promotional Products for Your Business?

We have been providing a full range of promotional products in Perth since 1979. One of the most common questions we are asked is “What is the best promotional product for my business?” There really isn’t a “one size fits all” answer here. The promotional products that work best for you will depend upon your business and your target market. Here’s an introduction to some of our various promotional products and how they have helped other Perth area businesses. Overview: How Promotional … [Read more...]

Looking for Great Corporate Promotional Products? How About a Smart Wallet?

We have provided corporate promotional products to the Perth area for more than thirty years. Thanks to the popularity of tablets and smartphones, we have a lot more to choose from than we did thirty years ago. We have gotten a lot of good feedback about this particular product: the silicone smart wallet. What is it? The silicone smart wallet is a pouch that sticks to the back of your smartphone. It has a pocket on the back where you can put an ID, business card, credit card, receipt or a … [Read more...]

Make Your Promotion Sizzle with Summer-Themed Items

Looking for some great promotional gifts to advertise your Perth business? Swing into summer with summer-themed items. Take advantage of the heat by giving away inexpensive items that are helpful in the summertime. Here are a few we recommend. Stubby Holders We know that a lot of people are giving away stubby holders. That is even more reason why you should, too. Look at every cold beverage as a piece of advertising real estate. It’s some of the most economical real estate you will … [Read more...]

Christmas is Just Around the Corner: Time for Promotional Gifts!

Christmas is coming, and promotional gifts will soon dominate the Perth business landscape. It is important to show appreciation to your clients and employees, and Christmas gifts are the best way to do that. Here are some great ideas for classy but reasonably-priced promotional Christmas gifts. Drinkware Personalised mugs and other drinkware make great casual Christmas gifts. They may seem trivial, but they are highly useful. We have standard promotional drinkware but we also have … [Read more...]

What Impact Do Promotional Products Have on Your KPIs?

When we provide promotional products to many Perth businesses, we get a lot of feedback about how they affected various key performance indicators (KPIs). While it is natural to concentrate on the “bottom line,” clients are more likely to share KPIs to outsiders. KPIs can include number of sales, number of qualified leads, number of phone calls and various other metrics. Long ago, many firms didn’t really understand the impact of promotional products. They would use them almost as an … [Read more...]

How Lanyards can Benefit Your Business

Lanyards may be one of the most underappreciated but effective promotional gifts in Perth. They don’t really appear to be a promotional item at all to many people. They are mainly used for ID credentials at events or in the workplace, but there are many ways to turn them into promotional powerhouses. Many Uses Even when being used as ID holders, they can be used to promote your business. If, for example, you require an ID badge on a lanyard in the workplace, many of your employees will … [Read more...]

Using USB Flash Drives as Promotional Tools

USB flash drives are becoming popular promotional items in Perth. In the Internet age, flash drives come in handy. A USB flash drive allows a person to carry a briefcase full of documents in their pocket. What has allowed USB flash drives to take a place alongside the most effective promotional items in Perth? Let’s take a look. Cost Effective USB flash drives are relatively inexpensive for how useful they are. Their price point represents the best of both worlds. They are useful … [Read more...]