Start the Festivities Right with Party Wristbands

While silicone wristbands are most often used for charity and fundraising, they are also used for parties. When used for parties, they are usually called “party wristbands.” Why Use Party Wristbands? Party wristbands make great souvenirs. They are great for a party as small as a birthday, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah to a full-blown corporate event. We have even seen them included in wedding favours as souvenirs. For any party involving children or teenagers, party wristbands make … [Read more...]

Silicone Wristbands: Still Helping Perth Charities

Since their first large-scale success in 2004, silicone wristbands have been synonymous with charity fundraising. Not only in Perth, but across the world, silicone wristbands are the most popular way to raise awareness for charities. This is no accident. They are so popular because they work so well. How Silicone Wristbands Raise Awareness Wristbands are popular for a number of reasons. One of the first is that they are very visible. Silicone wristbands come in colours that stand out … [Read more...]

Silicone Wristbands Still Going Strong for Charity

When it comes to charity, silicone wristbands are still the best way to get your message across. If you sit at any busy Perth area mall, you can find a lot of people wearing silicone wristbands. So, what makes silicone wristbands the choice over other promotional products for so many Perth charities and causes? In three words: because they work. Raise Awareness and Funds Silicone wristbands raise awareness for causes better than any other form of promotion, at least for the price. … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Customised Wristbands

At ImagePak Marketing, we have been supplying customised silicone wristbands to Perth since before they became popular. Custom silicone wristbands have become a “must” for Perth charity events, but there are a lot more uses for them. Here are a few ideas, including one or two for charity events. Cancer Bracelets We all know the Livestrong wristband started the whole wristband craze. We also know that Livestrong has fallen out of favour due to founder Lance Armstrong being stripped of … [Read more...]

Why Organisations are Using Admission Wristbands for Events

Many organisations and businesses are now using admission wristbands for events in lieu of tickets. For years, paper tickets have been the norm, but we have seen an increasing number of wristbands being used for admission to events. There are a number of reasons wristbands are becoming so popular for events that they are replacing tickets in many venues. Hard to Lose No matter what kind of wristbands you are using, they are hard to lose. Any security wristband takes a lot of effort to … [Read more...]

Why are Silicone Bracelets so Popular?

It seems like silicone bracelets are all around Perth and just everywhere. In 2003, silicone bracelets were inexpensive “jewelry” that kids and teenagers wore. They were inexpensive and came in bright colours. They were a natural for children who didn’t have a lot of money but wanted something that looked “cool” to put on their arms. In 2004, though, everything would change. Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor and then champion bicycle racer, would team up with Nike to promote his charity … [Read more...]

Silicone Promotional Wristbands: Not Just for Charity Anymore

Silicone promotional wristbands are gaining traction as a popular and powerful marketing tool in Perth. Silicone wristbands have been around for a long time, but they have recently exploded in popularity as a promotional tool. Originally, they were most popular with teenagers because they were inexpensive but had a “cool” look. Since they were available in different colours, groups of teens could decide to wear the same colour as a show of friendship. This would change with the Livestrong … [Read more...]

Fun Facts on Silicone Wristbands

First Fun Fact: often misspelled as “silicon bands” during Internet searches. Silicone wristbands or bracelets have become increasingly popular over the last few years. While they have been in existence for years, they were more of a fad among high school kids who wore them to signify various friendships and cliques in the beginning. Now, silicone wristbands have “graduated” into an adult adornment usually worn on the wrist to convey a message or support a cause. Some are even sold as … [Read more...]

Silicone Wristbands: The “Overnight” Success that Took Years

Silicone wristbands’ transition from curiosity to fad to publicity-grabbing mainstay in Australia. Silicone wristbands have been around for years, but not really used a lot. The first cause or person to really scratch the potential of the silicone wristband to command attention was Lance Armstrong with his Livestrong campaign against cancer. Though Armstrong would ultimately be disgraced in his profession, his work in cancer awareness is still valid and the Livestrong wristband is still one … [Read more...]

Wristbands for Charity Events: A Great Cause

Wristbands remain extremely popular for events and awareness campaigns. We don’t know how long ago it started, but charities have been using wristbands for events and awareness campaigns for as long as we can remember. You have seen them: the pink wristbands for women’s causes such as breast cancer or the more aggressive colours in awareness campaigns against bullying or drugs. Here are a few things to know about wristbands and their uses. Charity Wristbands The recipe is simple: … [Read more...]