Sublimated Polo Shirts a Game Changer for Sporting Teams and Fans

Sublimated polo shirts are becoming one of the most popular promotional products in Perth. For years, embroidered polo shirts have been the industry standard, but the process of sublimation allows us to create designs that would be impractical to embroider. Why Sublimation is a Game Changer We love doing embroidered polo shirts. They are still very popular. The classic embroidered polo shirt lends an air of class when used as an employee uniform, a golf shirt or a promotional giveaway … [Read more...]

ImagePak Marketing is Proud to Enter its Third Year of Sponsoring the Stirling Senators

Every time we watch the Stirling Senators play basketball, we are proud to know that we supplied them with their basketball jerseys and basketball shorts. The Senators are part of the CCSRA, or Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation Association. They have teams in the Men’s State Basketball League and the Women’s State Basketball League. Both of those are second-tier, semi-professional leagues. They also field a team in the Western Australian Basketball League, which is the elite … [Read more...]

Sublimated Polo Shirts: Perfect for Your Sports Team

Polo shirt printing in Perth has changed considerably with the introduction of sublimation printing. Before we had the option of sublimation printing, most polo shirts were embroidered. In fact, we still embroider a lot of polo shirts for businesses and charities. The classic embroidered polo shirt is a classy, understated way to promote a business or a cause. However, sports teams need polo shirts that have room for more logos and designs. Luckily for them, sublimation is the perfect way to … [Read more...]

Many Uses for Promotional Clothing

At ImagePak Marketing, we offer a full range of promotional clothing. We can supply any Perth area business with exactly what they need to promote their business. Here is an overview of our promotional clothing how it can help your business. Caps We offer caps and other headwear that can be custom embroidered or printed with your company’s name or logo. We can also customise traditional golf hats or straw hats. Polos Polo shirts are a very popular choice for many businesses. … [Read more...]

Gear Up for Every Season with Custom Sportswear

At ImagePak Marketing, we offer custom sportswear for every sport and every season. We are proud of our association with so many athletes and sports teams in the last thirty years. From recreational to corporate to professional, we offer custom sportswear for every sport played in the Perth area. We offer soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys and netball jerseys, as well as custom sportswear for AFL, rugby, cricket, running and triathlon. We provide jerseys mostly in the Perth area, but have … [Read more...]

Custom Polo Shirt Printing: Great for Your Business

When it comes to promotional products, custom polo shirt printing is often overlooked. We have provided numerous Perth businesses with custom printed polo shirts in the last thirty years. The reason why so many businesses have opted for custom polo shirts is because they are great for business. Brand Recognition Polo shirts are incredible for brand recognition. Every time someone wears a polo shirt with your company name, logo or message, they become a walking billboard for your … [Read more...]

Looking for “Cheap Basketball Jerseys”? Think Again!

We have been supplying sports apparel to the Perth area for over 30 years. During that time, we have built a great reputation for the best in quality and customer service. Sometimes prospective customers ask us if we can get them some “cheap basketball jerseys.” Our answer is, “No. But we do carry high-quality basketball jerseys at a lot lower price than you may imagine.” While our basketball jerseys are very reasonably priced, we simply don’t sell “cheap basketball jerseys.” Here’s … [Read more...]

Build Camaraderie with Basketball Jerseys

If you are looking for custom basketball jerseys, you have come to the right place. Whether you have a team with your mates or a company team at work, basketball jerseys make the game more fun. We have supplied numerous teams in the Perth area with custom uniforms for various sports, including basketball. Why Basketball Jerseys are so Great We have been privy to a lot of studies showing that uniforms improve team play. We won’t bore you with sports psychology, but we will tell you a … [Read more...]

Your Team will Look Great in Custom Soccer Jerseys

You may not know this, but ImagePak Marketing creates custom soccer jerseys for Perth area businesses and sport teams. Why Custom Soccer Jerseys? From recreational leagues to professional teams, custom soccer jerseys make your team look great. It is a proven fact that when a team looks great, they play to their full potential more often. Teams that look good feel better about themselves and carry themselves with more pride. A great uniform promotes camaraderie. Camaraderie promotes … [Read more...]

The Perth Corporate Triathlon is Coming: Order Your Custom Sportswear Now!

We love “triathlon season” because it means we get to supply a lot of custom sportswear to local Perth businesses who sponsor triathlon teams. The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon in Perth is a standout among triathlons in that it is designed for corporate athletes to have their own event, free of professional triathletes. Instead of being all about the individual, it’s all about the team and all about people representing their organisation with pride. The Formats The event will be … [Read more...]