Custom Stubby Holders: Not Just for Summer

Custom stubby holders are one of the most popular promotional items in Perth. We love our stubby holders and a lot of savvy business owners know the best way to get to a client’s heart is through his cold beverages. Summertime is an especially busy time for providers of custom stubby holders. The hotter the weather, the colder we like our beverages. However, custom stubby holders aren’t just for the summer. They are usually used year around. Often, the autumn and winter are great times to … [Read more...]

It’s a Hot Summer: Time to Order More Personalised Stubby Holders

It’s been another hot summer and it’s a safe bet that your customers and prospects could use more personalised stubby holders. Personalised stubby holders are a great way to let your Perth area friends know you are thinking about them. They are an even better way to keep your customers thinking about you. Personalised stubby holders may be the king of promotional items, not only in Perth but across Australia. We love our cold beverages and we love to keep them cold, especially during a hot … [Read more...]

Stubby Coolers Make Great Wedding Favours

Yes, you read it right: stubby coolers are becoming popular wedding favours in the Perth area. Whether you call them stubby holders or stubby coolers, they make great favours because they can be filled with a lot of other goodies. Perth is a diverse place with a lot of different people, but almost everyone can appreciate a stubby cooler made specifically for a special event. Creating the Perfect Custom Designed Stubby Cooler for Your Perth Wedding One of the great features of stubby … [Read more...]

9 Out of the Square Uses for Stubby Holders

We have provided a lot of stubby holders for Perth businesses. Most people used them in the conventional way: to keep their cold beverages cold. But we found nine great, non-conventional uses for stubby holders. Here they are. Packing and Moving When you are packing glassware, put the glasses in stubby holders for padding and packing material. It works great and saves space, too. Protecting Fruit A stubby holder makes a great holder for fruit. It keeps it from bruising. If you are … [Read more...]

Three Ways to “Go Out of the Square” with Stubby Holder Promotions

The humble stubby holder may be the King of promotional items, not only in Perth but across Australia. They are inexpensive, easy to give away and are used as much as any promotional gifts in Perth. They are so popular and so effective that some people think the market may be oversaturated. We can report that there is no market that is oversaturated with stubby holders. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them. In fact, the stubby holder provides the best opportunity … [Read more...]

Which Stubby Holder Fits Your Business?

We have been supplying stubby holders to Perth businesses since 1979. Trust us: that’s a lot of stubby holders. We now offer five different kinds of stubby holders because the business has come a long way since 1979. Technology now allows us to offer a lot of different options that we couldn’t offer when we started out. Here are our five options. Traditional 5mm Stubby Holder With Base This is the old standby. It is 5 mm thick to keep your cold beverages cold. It can be sublimated in … [Read more...]

Summer is on the Way: Time to Promote with Stubby Holders

With the weather heating up, we are getting ready for a lot of orders for stubby holders from our Perth area clients. We have posted often about the love affair between Australians and stubby holders. It seems like we can’t get enough of them and Perth is no exception. So, why are stubby holders so popular? It all starts with how useful they are. In a climate like that of Perth, summer can be brutal. Anything that can help us keep our cold beverages cold is going to be met with great … [Read more...]

Summer is Coming: Are Your Stubby Holders Ready?

Stubby holders are a major part of our online presence due to their popularity. They may be the most popular of all promotional items in our Perth location. Stubby holders are great to have any time of year, but they are especially useful in the summer. Cold beverages taste better on a hot day and stubby holders help keep your favourite beverage cold. So, besides being so useful, why do stubby holders make such great promotional giveaway items? Because they can be customised for almost … [Read more...]

Personalised Stubby Coolers: The All-Australian Promotional Tool

Are personalised stubby coolers the next step in the evolution of stubby holders? We have made personalised stubby holders for numerous businesses in the Perth area over the years. While they aren’t quite as popular in other parts of the world, stubby holders could be the most common advertising specialty in Australia. Our climate is hot and we love our beer. That makes stubby holders a natural part of our culture. They are very useful and are always appreciated when given away as a … [Read more...]

Stubby Holders Great for Keeping Your Business Cool

Many businesses are now giving away photo stubby holders to keep cool and get an edge on the competition. Nothing seems to be more sacred in Australia than the beloved stubby holder. Perth is a hot place and it is tough to keep a beverage cold while you drink it. A stubby holder is the perfect solution for most people. The popularity of stubby holders has made them great promotional gifts for many Perth businesses. When a business prints their name and logo on a stubby holder and … [Read more...]