Many Uses for Promotional Clothing

At ImagePak Marketing, we offer a full range of promotional clothing. We can supply any Perth area business with exactly what they need to promote their business. Here is an overview of our promotional clothing how it can help your business. Caps We offer caps and other headwear that can be custom embroidered or printed with your company’s name or logo. We can also customise traditional golf hats or straw hats. Polos Polo shirts are a very popular choice for many businesses. … [Read more...]

Beware of Cheap Screen Printing

If you want cheap screen printing to help promote your Perth business, think again. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” This is especially true in custom screen printing and embroidery. Your Best Foot Forward When you decide to screen print t-shirts or polo shirts, you are doing it to advertise your company. The good news is that every shirt you have printed becomes a walking representative of your company. The bad news is that every shirt you have printed becomes a … [Read more...]

Custom Polo Shirt Printing: Great for Your Business

When it comes to promotional products, custom polo shirt printing is often overlooked. We have provided numerous Perth businesses with custom printed polo shirts in the last thirty years. The reason why so many businesses have opted for custom polo shirts is because they are great for business. Brand Recognition Polo shirts are incredible for brand recognition. Every time someone wears a polo shirt with your company name, logo or message, they become a walking billboard for your … [Read more...]

Try These T-Shirt Designs!

If you think a t-shirt is just a t-shirt, think again. We currently carry t-shirt designs from six different companies and all have subtle differences. All of them can be customised to carry the name, logo and/or message of your business. We offer embroidering and printing. Whatever custom t-shirt design you want, we can provide it for you. There are two t-shirt designs for any custom t-shirt: the design of the shirt itself and the design that is printed or embroidered on the shirt. … [Read more...]

How Our T-Shirt Printing can Promote Your Business

We have built our reputation mostly on promotional items since we started in 1979. But did you know we offer T-shirt printing, too? A lot of Perth businesses have taken advantage of T-shirt printing to promote their businesses in a lot of clever ways. Here are some of the ways businesses leverage T-shirts as a promotional item. Promotional Giveaway Item T-shirts are a great promotional giveaway item under the right circumstances. We know they are more expensive than a stubby holder and … [Read more...]

5 Great Ways to Promote Your Business with Custom Apparel

Whether it’s corporate clothing, custom T-shirt printing or anything in between, we have Perth covered. Custom apparel is great for promoting your business. Here are five tried and true methods for promoting your business with custom apparel. Employee Uniforms We have outfitted businesses with casual themes such as pubs and family restaurants with T-shirts or polo shirts. We have outfitted offices with corporate clothing. Whatever your Perth business, nothing says “unity” like … [Read more...]

Personalised T-Shirts: the Perfect Summer Promotional Garments

At ImagePak Marketing, T-shirt printing is one of our most popular services for our Perth customers. We find personalised T-shirts to be one of the best promotional items in the summer because they are more likely to be worn then. We aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know, but Perth summers are hot. Summer is the best time to wear a T-shirt, especially one that is designed to be cool. There are a couple of different applications for personalised T-shirts. Workwear Though … [Read more...]

Basics of Creating a Great Pub or Restaurant Uniform

We offer embroidery, screen printing and a recent technology called sublimation to customise apparel. We have supplied many Perth businesses with options ranging from T-shirts to entire work uniforms. One type of business that especially benefits from custom uniforms is a pub or casual restaurant. Basic Design Factors A uniform serves many purposes in a pub or restaurant. It lets the public know, beyond a doubt, that an employee is an employee. It helps brand the business with the … [Read more...]

How a Custom Polo Shirt can Promote Your Business

We create a lot of promotional products for Perth businesses. One item that never gets old is the polo shirt. We love polo shirts because they are a high-quality item that can be given away or sold. They also make great uniform tops for many sport teams. We offer screen printing, sublimation or embroidery to customise polo shirts. Many Perth businesses use a combination of both, especially those that sponsor sport teams. For example, a sport team can have a small, embroidered logo and a … [Read more...]

Is Your Corporate Team Wearing Their Uniforms Every Day?

We provide a lot of corporate apparel to Perth businesses. One of the biggest complaints: sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to wear their uniforms. It seems like there’s always some kind of an excuse for not being fully compliant. Sometimes it’s size. Sometimes it’s a shirt at the cleaners. Sometimes they say “my clothes are better.” Wouldn’t you like to end these excuses forever? There are three things you can do to ensure that your staff is compliant every day. Zero Tolerance for … [Read more...]