Promo Products

At Imagepak Marketing, we have a wide assortment of the best in promotional items. Promotional products are an easy way to keep your name in front of those who are the most important to your business: your customers, prospects, and employees. Our selection ensures that any business can find a promotional item that is just right for them.

For those who want customers to think of them while enjoying a beverage, we have three categories: stubby holders, Javacups, and drinkware. Stubby holders are an old standby and perennial favourite for many companies, large and small. They are truly an Australian icon. The Javacup is a very nice-looking reusable takeaway cup. Our drinkware includes cups, sport bottles, and miscellaneous glassware, all with your company name and/or logo printed on them.

We also have pens and stationery, and even an executive grade for those whose customers like office supplies. We even have IT accessories such as mouse mats and flash drives that can be branded with your name and/or logo. For event teams such as races and triathlons, we have silicone wristbands and lanyards. For golfers, we can personalise almost any piece of equipment: even a set of clubs or golf balls. We also offer some nice category which sometimes has some great bargains.

Whatever you need, there is a very good chance that we can get it for you.