A new dimension in Marketing

What are Video Brochures?

A video screen is built into the print. It plays video messages and with its built in speaker sound too. All incased in a full customizeable printed brouchure, with either soft or hard covers like a book.

How does it work?

By using a magnetic switch, video starts playing automatically when you open the card. Different buttons alow for different video selection and volume control up and down.

Why is it a great idea?

With video playing technology through a LCD screen, Video brochure can not only bring you static information, it bring to your client video and sound.

Can the video be changed?

Just connect the video card to your computer using the cable provided and it is as simple as copy and paste.

A game changing advertising & marketing tool

Preload customized video, great for Property developers, Educational Tools, Top end invitations, Training Aids, Pharmaceutical Demonstrations, Trade presenters & Sales tools, New car, Boat, Real estate presentations and much more


Book Size A6, A5 and A4
Screen Size 4.3” 5” and 7 inch screens
Memory Size 128m to 4gb, 256m is the standard size aprox 15mins video
Video Format MP4 / AVI)
Sound Built in Speaker
Printing CMYK printing with special finished such as Silver or Gold foil, Spot UV, embossing and so on
Battery life 2 – 8 hours runtime / rechargable via USB
Connection Mini DVI to USB
Weight Approx 300g