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THE NAIDOC 2023 – PAINTING (For The Elders) Ochre
By Kevin Bynder

Ochre is a clay like rock which has been mined by Aboriginal people for 100’s of years.

The Aboriginal people used this for body markings in rituals and ceremonies. When the ochre is mixed with blood, saliva or animal oils it can be used on rocks or bark leaving the artwork which lasts thousands of years.

Aboriginal people from all over Australia use it for various reason and each tribe or area has its own colour, Nyungar people ochre – Wilgee  which is the yellow/Red ochre but white ochre can also be found in the hills- Darling range( KardaMorda)

Our ancestors who have mined the pits for the ochre thousands of years ago, have left that impression of knowledge and culture for us to follow. W   e still practice dance and culture to this day.

The painting shoes the sencilised hands, this artwork was found in the caves and was created by the Aboriginal people of the area. The art was mad by mixing ochre with animal blood and water, the would then put it in their mouth and spray it over their hands .

The bottom shows Aboriginal people all over Australia and their connections to the different colour ochre.

The dry waterholes can be seen above this and represents where some of the ochre can be found.

Above the hands are the dry pathways which are moving from one ochre pit to another.

The hills or the Darling Range-{KartaMorda) represents the Waagyl our creator, there she lies resting after creating the land, with the people being surrounded by the Waagyl shows she is still looking out for us. The very top are the red and white ochre rocks.

Artist – Kevin Bynder (Whadjuk-Yuet-Balaadong man from his mother and a Badamia Yamatji from his father)
Kevin grew up the northern suburb of Girrawheen in Perth