Kev Bynder



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By Kevin Bynder

Top of the design are the colours pink and red, the pink representing our Women and the red representing our Men. The Womens gathering circle can be seen with the Elders and their daughters teaching them the culture and Womens business the group is surrounded by hills and water all in which play an important part in our culture. The red shows the Men Elders gathering to talk about culture and to go to another camp to start Mens business and teach the young men lore and culture.

The yellow hills is the Darling Range – KaartaMorda this is the Waagyl – Rainbow Serpent our creator. She lies dormant between Whadjuk and Balaadong Boodja(country) which is represented at each end. The large gathering circle in the middle represents all Aboriginal people in Australia and the art symbols surrounding are universal symbols which Aboriginal Artist use throughout the country. The green and yellow represents the people from the desert, rainforests and wheatbelt areas. The waterholes and flowing rivers can also be seen in this area.

The red represents the north-west of Australia between Broome and Darwin the hot and steamy weather and the blue wit the sea turtle – Yakaam and fresh water turtle – Booyi represents all the Aboriginal people of the coastal areas.

Artist – Kevin Bynder (Whadjuk-Yuet-Balaadong man from his mother and a Badamia Yamatji from his father)
Kevin grew up the northern suburb of Girrawheen in Perth