Help Your Prospects “Get the Picture” with Custom Photo Mugs

At ImagePak Marketing, we carry a full line of promotional products for Perth area business. One of our favourites is the customised photo mug. These are also known as “Full Colour Coffee Mugs.” A custom photo mug is a lot less expensive to produce now, thanks to modern technology. Computer aided design and a process called “sublimation” makes it a lot easier for us to customise your photo mug any way you like it. Why a Custom Photo Mug? Custom photo mugs are great for a number of … [Read more...]

On the Go with Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are becoming increasingly popular in the Perth area. We are all so busy and spend so much time in our cars that almost everyone has a drink in their cup-holder on the way to and from work. At ImagePak Marketing, we have a full product line of various mugs and travel mugs. It has been our experience that everyone can find one that is just right for their company. Why Travel Mugs? The idea between promotional products and gifts is the same as it has always been: increase … [Read more...]

Three Great Strategies for Promotional Gifts

We have been providing promotional gifts to the Perth area since 1979. Promotional gifts are one of the most cost-efficient and reliable ways to promote brand recognition and increase revenue. How Promotional Gifts Work Promotional gifts are personalised products that you give away to promote your company’s brand. They can be as inexpensive as a stubby holder or as expensive as high-end executive products. They are given away to keep your brand in your intended buyer or influencer’s mind … [Read more...]

How to Profit from Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional t-shirts are one of our favourite and most underrated apparel items. We have provided them to the Perth area since 1979. When they are done right, they are one of the best promotional items available. But there’s more to it than just slapping your name on a cheap t-shirt. At ImagePak Marketing, we recommend two models for profiting from promotional t-shirts. The first is the traditional indirect method of using them to promote brand awareness. The second is to “up the ante” by … [Read more...]

Business Promotional Products and Brand Image

Business promotional products are a great way to promote your brand image. Brand image is more than just the services or products a firm provides to the public. Brand image is a mental image that determines how the public will perceive your brand. This includes what your company stands for, what services and products it provides, the “personality” of the company and the emotions your company produces in a consumer’s mind. A Test on Brand Image A study in the US involved 538 college … [Read more...]

Winter and Spring Wear: Clothing that Warms Up Your Prospects and Employees

If you have used promotional products for your Perth business, you already know how efficient they are. You already know that promotional giveaway items provide the best return on investment of any other advertising medium. As the last month of winter begins to give way to spring, you may want to consider products that can warm up your prospects: winter and spring wear. Whether it’s hoodies, vests or jackets, your prospects and employees will love getting custom winter wear to keep them warm … [Read more...]

2014 Global Study Reveals Surprising Facts about Promotional Products

As one of the premier suppliers of promotional products in Perth, we keep a close eye on industry news. We consider it our duty to keep up on all developments because it helps us deliver the best products to you at affordable prices. The latest development in the industry is the release of a global promotional products study conducted in 2014. While the only Australian city involved in the study was Sydney, it is still important and relevant to Perth. The study covered cities in … [Read more...]

Give Flash Drives to Your Volunteers

USB flash drives are among the newer of the promotional items we provide to Perth businesses. USB flash drives are extremely versatile as a promotional gift. They are small enough to fit into your pocket but can hold large amounts of information. Recently, we supplied flash drives that were given to volunteers at a sporting event as a “thank you gift.” Say it with USB Flash Drives We like this idea a lot. The flash drives are inexpensive but useful. They are a great memento and a … [Read more...]

Top Uses for Lanyards

Lanyards are among the more subtle of the promotional items we provide to the Perth area. A lanyard is a length of material that is formed like a necklace and has a clip or a hook at the end. It is then worn with credentials, an ID badge or even keys hanging off of the end. Why Lanyards are a Great Promotional Item Lanyards may not appear to have a lot of space for a company logo or message, but when they are worn around the neck, the printed area lays on the upper chest. This is close to … [Read more...]

Does Your Gym Need Membership Cards?

Lanyards may be the most underrated promotional items out of all we sell in Perth. Recently, a large membership gym needed a solution for their membership cards. Membership cards can be easy to lose. They are often kept in wallets and purses, making gym members have to dig them out every time they want to go to the gym. Easy Access The best solution for membership cards in gyms is to put the cards in a clear plastic wallet and attach the wallet to a lanyard. That way, members can wear … [Read more...]